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Children need to learn in a way that is meaningful to them. For instance, a preschool child is not going to learn about apples by looking at a picture of an apple. They will, however, learn about an apple if you give them an apple. This is the principal behind A2DM. A2DM helps to ensure children develop the skills they need to be successful in their journey through life. Activities should be open-ended to allow the children the opportunity for self accomplishment as well as self-discovery.

Everybody who boasts of a high rank in life would have had a humble, young beginning. The roots of education which would have given rise to stalwarts are often conveniently neglected and/or forgotten. With the race, one hardly has the time to look back because it is all about moving on to touch higher rungs of the spire. Do you remember the kindergarten teacher who helped you play with numerals and letters, helped you with the beginner's lessons on socializing with classmates starting with your seating arrangement in classroom, teaching you the values of sharing and learning?Pre School in Chennai

Very few would honestly have a "yes" to the above questions. Parents are ever busy with their own professional pursuits but on the personal front, they often hunt for options to give their child/children the top international school or the best Matriculation school in Chennai. The focus on finding the best Kindergarten play school or a Montessori play school is rarely found. Isn't it due to the widespread neglect and undermining of the importance of play school's role in the child's development?

We find that the play schools which can best market themselves are the winners. Information on Montessori is available aplenty. It is only a matter of sheer commitment and sacrifice of a little bit of time to find the right choice. The star-rated kindergarten schools may be good in their ranking but does that really guarantee a strong base for your child's education and development? Well, it really doesn't. When you choose a place for a play school for your child, make sure you prioritize on what is important to you.kindergarten in ManapakkamIt has to be understood that a choice of play school is not to be one as that for day care.

A kindergarten actually nurtures your child and gives an inkling of the world of education that the individual is going to grow in. A primary school education actually makes the child and the teacher discover the academic potential and limitations of the child. A kindergarten play school is the first place where the child's comprehension and cognitive abilities are put to test and now you know why a play school plays a very important role in the child's education and personality development as well. So when you make a choice be wise about your decision.

Having successfully established franchisees in Tamil Nadu, we are looking for opportunities to grow in the neighboring states Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka & school in ManapakkamThe play-based curriculum focuses on literacy, math, science, social and emotional skills, and physical development. Classrooms are designed to inspire young learners, capturing each child’s interests, ideas, and independence to encourage a growing awareness of self.

First School focuses on holistic development of the child. Our Thematic Curriculum offers preschoolers the opportunity to explore, experience and express themselves through play in a safe, warm and loving environment that helps them grow intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically.

Our classrooms encourage kindergartners to explore, investigate, work together as a team and discover. We foster children’s self esteem and help develop their love of school franchise in ChennaiEducation is empowerment. Modern teaching concepts combined with a holistic, compassionate approach help in bringing about overall development in children. The motto and learning methodology of The First School (TFS) clearly upholds this concept of learning. Our facilities include Montessori, day care centre, kindergarten, e-learning, smart interactive digital classroom, co-curricular clubs including environment & nature club, home care activities, yoga and so on. We emphasize on the overall and balanced development of children.

We enjoy top preference among the choices for the best CBSE school and the best boarding school in Chennai. We focus on making education and schooling a stress-free and enjoyable while giving the child the tools, environment and support system required to prepare them for the challenges of tomorrow. The first impression of learning and education begins at Play school and kindergarten. These are the first places where the child gets introduced to learning as an activity. The attitude to learning starts getting shaped up from this phase onwards.

The First School gives the perfect foundation for a holistic education for your child. Our dedicated team of faculty members ensures that classroom sessions are not about mere academic exercises but also about exploration of one's own path of learning and growth. A play school in Chennai or anywhere else has a regular routine of taking care of children and teaching them basics of alphabet and numbers. But the Montessori Play School at CPS goes beyond this realm by identifying the child's learning abilities and moulds them to strengthen the child's foundation for education. We exceed the expectations of the parents of these tiny tots when compared with another play school in Chennai. preschool in Manapakkam

Our CBSE curriculum involves students in the application of reflective learning. This gives the students the practical knowledge, the ever-much-needed confidence, and the competence to take on tasks of both academics and career in the long term. Based on the concept "house", our boarding facilities make the students feel home away from home and enabling them the optimum freedom, responsibility and care. Our Matric school in Chennai and our CBSE divisions follow a curriculum that has traditional subjects and the audio-visual medium of learning kindles the interest for knowledge while also having a lasting impact about the concept learnt.

The After School Activities (ASA) program involve student's participation in a wide array of extra-curricular activities such as field trips, social service campaigns and so on with complementary curricular activities such as yoga, martial arts and more to choose from. There would be no monotony. Monotony curbs the interest and creativity of children to learn and master logic. Imparting sensorial exercises, language learning skills and basic arithmetic at the Montessori level provides a good base for the child to understand how to learn and pick up facts.

The Montessori kindergarten facility we provide is one of the most reputed and certified. Our special amenities including after school care centre, day boarding, English lab with phonetics training, regular health check, fully air-conditioned pre-primary classrooms, CPS activity centre and so on. We seek to bring out the best in every child by letting him/her recognize one's own skills. When learning is made interesting and creatively challenging, the purpose of education is reached. We have been successful in this endeavor till date and hoping to create intellectually powerful and responsible generations for brighter tomorrows.

Having successfully established franchisees in Tamil Nadu, we are looking for opportunities to grow in the neighboring states Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka & Kerala.